KT 70 & KT 71


The industry\'s first panel-mounted Mode S transponders-the KT 70 and the KT 71 Mode A/C transponder-is designed to be more pilot -friendly.

A value-packed unit providing Mode S surveillance capabilities, the KT 70 also offers full Mode A and Mode C compatibility to meet all ATCRBS (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System) technical requirements. Both the KT 70 and KT 71 are TSO\'d Class 1A transponders (TSO C112 for the KT 70 and TSO C74 c for the KT 71) are suitable for use at all altitudes.

Easy-to-read gas discharge displays show the selected ATCRBS code and encoded altitude being transmitted to nearby Air Traffic Control ground stations. All solid state circuitry and surface mount technology (SMT) construction provide greater reliability than previous generation transponders. Push button selection of VFR code and Remote-Indent switching help reduce pilot workload.

Styled to match our entire line of Silver Crown Plus avionics, the KT 70 and KT 71 transponder feature faceplates with contemporary styling.